We do our best to become better and better.

Thanks to our stringent orientation of our economic action and our four principles of our quality policy, we are one of the most important suppliers in this industry today and we are able to expand and strengthen our position.

1. First-class quality

Our products are characterized by a high quality and persistence. As a result of using modern machinery we manufacture our products with maximum precision. An in-house widespread quality management enables a high manufacturing and product quality constantly from goods receipt until outgoing goods. Because of internal and external trainings as well as far-sighted personnel planning we increase our know-how continuously to fulfill this convention.

2. Complete customer satisfaction

Our customers can be sure, that we deal with their orders with our skills, with untiring commitment and best knowledge and conscience. Every request and problem will be treated, developed and implemented in partnership with our customer. High quality, flexibility and a short response time connected with a fast delivery capacity is very important.

3. Motivated Staff

Satisfaction and motivation is the key to success. Essential requirements for high quality and customer satisfaction are safe jobs and a healthy working atmosphere. Targeted trainings make our employees to reliable partners for our customers. The employees´ sense of commitment and motivation is the strength of Strautmann Hydraulik GmbH.

Every single employee contributes to the success of the company. So we encourage and challenge every employee on their jobs.

4. Permanent improvement

Another principle is a continuous improvement of our products, our work sequences and our internal employment protection standards as well as environment protection standards. The courage to a steady improvement should be forced by our staff. The company takes up good experiences and put ideas into practice.