We give you the strength you need

Cylinders manufactured according to customer requests, single- and double-acting cylinders or special solutions – for every application that needs a lot of strength, we deliver the right product. It doesn´t matter how specific your field of application may be. Here you can take a closer look to all of our power packs:


  • Cylinders wiht travel measuring system
  • Cylinders with ceramic coating
  • Hydraulic manifolds

Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders


  • Double-Acting Cylinder 32/20/… Stroke
  • Double-Acting Cylinder 40/25/… Stroke
  • Double-Acting Cylinder 50/30/… Stroke
  • Double-Acting Cylinder 63/40/… Stroke
  • Double-Acting Cylinder 80/50/… Stroke
  • Double-Acting Cylinder 100/55/… Stroke
  • Single-Action Hydraulic Cylinder 210 bar // series: HZE6
  • Single-Action Hydraulic Cylinder 210 bar // series: HZE6

Technical Information

Special-purpose Solutions

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