Single-Action Hydraulic Cylinder for scissor lifts 200 bar // series: HZE4

General information

Series HZE4 was developed especially for installation into lifts up to 200 bar. It is characterized by a robust construction with minimum installation dimensions. The cylinders are designed for an operating pressure of 200bar in accordance with VBG14 (Lifting Platforms). The cylinder can be alternatively supported using a ball-and-socket joint that is maintenance-free or that can be relubricated. The connecting bore is designed for a burst pipe safety device or for a brake valve. The cylinder can be vented using the base-side or rod-side vent screw depending on the installation position. According to application, various sealing sets are included in the delivery of the cylinders. Various materials are available for the piston rods.

Technical Data
Max. operating pressure = 200 bar
Test pressure = 250 bar
Rod ∅ = 40 – 100 mm
Temperature range (of the hydraulic fluid) = -20°C to +80°C
Pressure fluid = Mineral oil (HL, HLP) according to DIN 51524 and DIN 51525 (standard)
Stroke speed = ≤ 0,5 m/s

Length and stroke tolerances according to DIN7168g (see “Technical Information“)

Mounting types
Ball-and-socket joint on both sides (DO – Standard) zu HZE4

(GE..DO wartungspflichtig)
(.GE..HO wartungspflichtig)
(GE..UK wartungsfrei)

Product specifications

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