Single-Action Hydraulic Cylinders 210 bar // series: HZE1

General Information

The HZE1 series cylinders are single-action pressure cylinders that are universally applicable due to their various models and sealing variants. The piston rod guide is designed to be screwable for maintenance tasks. The piston rod consists of hightensile structural steel with an approximately 25µm hard chromium-plated layer. Other materials and coatings are available on request. The end of the piston rod is guided into the cylinder tube, which minimizes the wear of the piston rod guide and the seal.

Please consult us in case of radial forces and non-vertical installation.

Technical data
Test pressure = 210 bar
Test pressure = 280 bar
Rod ∅ = 20 – 100 mm
Temperature range = -20°C to+80°C
Pressure fluid = Mineral oil (HL, HLP) according to DIN 51524 and DIN 51525 (standard)
Stroke speed = ≤ 0,5 m/s (Standard)

Length and stroke tolerances according to DIN7168g (see “Technical Information“)

Mounting types
A Base-side ball-and-socket joint (DO – standard) Model A
B Base-side bore (Tolerance field H11 – standard) Model B
D Base-side flange Model D
E Trunnion Model E
F Rod-side flange Model F
H Ball-and-socket joint on both sides (DO – standard) Model H
A-.. Rod end (GE-DO subject to maintenance) Rod end A
B-.. Rod end (GE-HO subject to maintenance) Rod end B
G-.. Rod clevis (Tolerance field H11) Rod clevis G

Product specifications

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